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Issue August 2007

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This European Sport Education Newsletter is developed by the Thematic Network „Aligning a European Higher Education Structure In Sport Science” (AEHESIS) that is coordinated by the Institute of European Sport Development & Leisure Studies (IESF) at the German Sport University Cologne on behalf of the European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment (ENSSEE).

With this newsletter, we would like to inform you about latest news in the European Sport & Education Area covering information on new European programmes and projects as well as the progress of the AEHESIS project and the ENSSEE network.

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1. News from Brussels
2. News from European Projects
4. News
from the Sport Sectors
5. News
from the Countries
6. AOB

1. News from Brussels

Implementation of the Bologna Process

Following up a communication of the European Commission in May 2007, urging the EU member states to press on with the modernisation of its app. 4.000 universities in order to increase their contribution to the Lisbon Agenda for more growth, and more and better jobs, the following studies were published:

One study on "The extent and impact of higher education curricular reform across Europe", a second on "The extent and impact of higher education governance reform across Europe" and a third on "Rates of return and funding models in Europe".

All reports can be downloaded at:

Quality of Teacher Education in the EU

In early August, the European Commission has set out proposals to improve the quality of teacher training in the European Union, due to the fact that high-quality teaching is a prerequisite for high-quality education and training, which are in turn a powerful determinant of Europe’s long-term competitiveness and capacity to create more jobs and growth.

In the view of Ján Figel’, the European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, “better teaching and learning are critical for the EU's long-term competitiveness, since a highly educated workforce is a more efficient workforce." Therefore, in order to face the pressures of the 21st century, the EC's communication provides the EU member states with a number of broad orientations for developing policies and practices in the field.

Further information can be found here.

2. News from European Projects

EQF Outdoor Animators & ECVET Fitness Project

Next week, the Fourth Full Partner Meeting of the EQF Outdoor Animators Project will take place in Lithuania (06 & 07 September 2007). Two weeks later, within the 9th ENSSEE Forum in Rio Maior (Portugal), the ECVET Fitness Project will hold its Second Full Partner Meeting (19 & 20 September).

Detailed information can be seen at:

ENSSEE Forum & General Assembly

On the occasion of the 9th ENSSEE Forum (Rio Maior/Portugal from 20 to 23 September 2007) themed "Educational policies for sport in Europe - Future directions for cooperation", the General Assembly of the European Network of Sport Science, Education & Employment will be held on 21 September 2007, 17:00h - 19:00h. All members of the network are kindly invited and asked for participation.

Further information can be downloaded at:

European College of Sport Science (ECSS)  

After realizing successfully the 12th ECSS Congress in Jyväskylä (Finland), the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) already announced the following three congress sites: Estoril (Portugal) in 2008, Oslo (Norway) in 2009 and Antalya (Turkey) in 2010.

Amongst other European colleagues - such as Gertrud Pfister, Paavo Komi or Sigmund Loland - the AEHESIS project coordinator Karsten Froberg and the AEHESIS PE expert Francisco Carreiro da Costa are announced as speakers and chairs at the congress in Estoril.  

Further information can be found at:

3. News from the Sport Sectors

Sport Psychology

Right now, the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC) is having its 12th European Congress of Sport Psychology. The congress is organised by the University of Thessaly and the Greek Society of Sport Psychology under the auspices of FEPSAC. The general congress theme is "Sport and Exercise Psychology – Bridges Between Disciplines and Cultures" and sport psychologists from all over the world are participating the event.

Further information about the outcomes of the project can be asked at the Congress Secretariat.

Health and Fitness

From the beginning of September 2007, the 'Health Portal' of the European Commission will publish an electronic newsletter containing a selection of the latest activities in the field of public health at both European and international level. The newsletter can be subscribed at:

Sport Management

Next week, the annual conference of the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) will be held in Torino (Italy), 12-15 September 2007. The topic of the 15th EASM congress is ‘Sport Events and Sustainable Development’. Besides the aim to bring together researchers, scientists, and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise in the broad area of sport management and marketing, a student seminar, dealing with the topics of 'event and brand management', 'sport tourism management', 'sport facilities management' and challenges in sport management, is organized. Last but not least, the results of the AEHESIS Sport Management Expert Group are presented at the conference.

Further information about the events can be downloaded at:

4. News from the Countries


On 28-29 November 2007, a conference themed “Towards a European strategy against violence in sport” organised by the European Commission and the Portuguese Presidency of the Council, in association with the UEFA, will take place in Brussels. Further information can be found here.


On 10-14 September 2008, the Fifth International Scientific Conference on Kinesiology will be held in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference aims to provide a forum for the latest research, theoretical and applicative insights, findings and experiences from the vast field of kinesiology. Paper submission is open till March 31, 2008.

Further information can be ask at the organiser, the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Zagreb. 


Whilst a new law regarding the "libertés et responsabilités des universités" is discussed in France, the Academis Ranking of World Universities in 2007 was published. Due to the fact that only 22 French universities are within the world's Top 500, the system of evaluation - by having a strong focus on research - was criticised by the French Minister Mme Pécresse. Now, speculation about a possible focus on setting new European criteria for ranking universities within the French EU Council presidency in 2008 are in progress. The current ranking can be found here.


Within the project 'Wissenschaft weltoffen', a data report with facts and figures on the international nature of studies and research in Germany was developed. The report contains information about foreign students and graduates in Germany, German students abroad as well as the exchange of academics and researchers.

The study is updated annually and can be seen at:

6. AOB

Conferences & congresses


  • European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment (ENSSEE)
  • European Association for Sport Management (EASM)
  • European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA)
  • European College of Sport Science (ECSS)
  • European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC)
  • European Physical Education Association (EUPEA)
  • European Association of Sports Employers (EASE)
  • European Commission, Brussels


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